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Release Date: 02-02-2024 20:00

We kick off the show this week by recapping the AFSP 200 charity race for the AFSP on Apex Racing TV  last Saturday night. It was a fantastic event with 23 very talented drivers (plus D.J.) competing and put on a great show for 100 laps around Michigan International Speedway! In the end, we raised $1450 for the AFSP, gave away some awesome prizes, and overall had a great night! Thank you to all who donated, participated in the race, or just tuned in to watch! We will be back again next year! We turn our attention to breaking news out of Formula 1 where it was announced that the Andretti Global team led by Michael Andretti will not be joining Formula 1 in 2025 or 2026 because of well.. reasons. We talk about the tone-deaf and arrogant statement released outlining why they were rejected and our thoughts. We move on and talk about how Behind Closed Doors has become the Indy Racing World Series and it kicks off February 20th at Chicagoland Speedway! We'll be running a 10-race broadcasted season on Stadium Scene TV.


???????Wednesday Night Dash???????? is back! $40 for 10 races broadcasted with the rest of the cash outside of the broadcast fee thrown into the prize pool. We will pro-rate your entry for getting in late!

????????Behind Closed Doors???????? is now the Indy Racing World Series! is revamping into a broadcasted league. Week 1 kicks off on February 20th at 10 pm ET, LIVE on Stadium Scene TV! A $10 broadcast fee gets you into the 10-race season.

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