TFT Ep. 10

Originally Posted At: Two Foot Talk

Posted: 12-11-2018 15:01

Two Foot Talk

TFT Ep. 10

Two Foot Talk

Release Date: 12-11-2018 15:01

This week while going over all the top leagues and top teams we have some new faces at the top of each league, we have some under performers clawing their way back to the top, Pep is a sore loser, Chelsea deals with racist fans, Phil Foden's future, Jose still out, Ronaldo's sketchy comments about his past clubs, and we continue our campaign to get Eddie Howe to Madrid. We even mention a special guest that will be joining us Wednesday evening. Check it all out here on TwoFootTalk. #TFT @TwoFootTalk @shopaaj @tybond16 @Kev_MacFarland @TheYLProductions

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