TFT Ep.9

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Posted: 12-06-2018 10:32

Two Foot Talk

TFT Ep.9

Two Foot Talk

Release Date: 12-06-2018 10:32

This week I was joined by Kevin "Coach Kev" McFarland the newest member of the TFT Family filling in for Bond and we have tons of footy to talk with you. We not only had the matches over the weekend but MWF (Mid Week Football) we break down all the match ups from the top clubs in the top leagues. Discuss Pulisic's future, the future of the USMNT with a coaching change, Jose being Jose, the ridiculousness that happened at the Balon D'or and much much more. So sit back, find a comfy spot, and let us teach you a thing or two. Social Media: @TwoFootTalk @Shopaaj @Kev_MacFarland @tybond16 @TheYLProductions (Instagram)

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