Tell It Avs It Is

Release Date: 09-08-2021 17:00

A new NHL season is just around the corner, which naturally brings a lot of hope and optimism, especially for a team as good as the Avalanche. But what about all the things that could go wrong? Bad things happen to every team, every season. What worst case scenarios could happen to the Avalanche this season? Let's vent all of that anxiety out now, and explore all of the things that could sink this upcoming season for the Avalanche. Welcome to The Tell It Avs It Is Podcast, your home for everything Colorado Avalanche on The Hockey Podcast Network! Join host Griffin Youngs from every Monday and Thursday as he brings you up to date and intriguing analysis on all things Colorado Avalanche and NHL. Follow Griffin on Twitter: @GYoungsNHL Follow the show on Twitter: @TellItAvsItIs The Hockey Podcast Network - @hockeypodnet