Sports Bliss with Rob and Kris

Sports Bliss with Rob and Kris is a podcast about our comedic take on sports and sports related events. We love funny things, beer, and all sports especially NFL, NBA, and college football. Mostly centered around our favorite teams the Patriots, Jags, Magic, UF Gators, and UCF Knights!!

Location: Orlando, Florida

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Teams Covered:

Jacksonville Jaguars

New England Patriots

Orlando Magic


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Title Category Date
Episode 70, Our Gator football preview Podcast 2020/07/03
Episode 69, Can Cam Newton lead the Patriots back to the Super Bowl? Podcast 2020/06/30
Episode 68, Should off the field issues prevent athletes from being inducted into their hall of fame? Podcast 2020/06/26
Episode 67, Will college football be cancelled with increased covid cases? Is Dak worth it? Podcast 2020/06/23
Episode 66, An interview with Associate Athletic Director Ken Sweeten of SCSU Podcast 2020/06/19
Episode 65, Does drafting a national champion quarterback increase your chances of reaching the Super Bowl? Podcast 2020/06/16
Episode 64, Zion Williamson update and will the NCAA do the right thing in another inequality case? Podcast 2020/06/12
Episode 63, Should Trevor Lawrence sit out the 2020 season? Is Zion in trouble? Podcast 2020/06/09
Episode 62, Who will a surprise breakout player for the Florida Gators in 2020? Podcast 2020/06/05
Episode 61, Will the MLS end up at Disney? Which SEC quarterback will lead their team to the College Football Playoffs? Podcast 2020/06/02
Episode 60, We can't wait any longer, a preview of UCF 2020 football season with Allen from UCF Football Updates Podcast 2020/05/29
Episode 59, Will the Tampa Bay Bucs make history as the first home team to host the Superbowl? Podcast 2020/05/26
Episode 58, Why did the Power 5 conferences pay $350,000 when lobbying Congress legislation on paying players? Podcast 2020/05/22
Episode 57, More sports conspiracies and why has there been a rash of NFL players getting arrested? Podcast 2020/05/19
Episode 56, Who is the greatest NBA player? Podcast 2020/05/15
Episode 55, Why hasn't Joe Burrow signed his contract? And is the NBA on the verge of a financial crash? Podcast 2020/05/12
Episode 54, What does Earl Thomas of the Ravens and his brother have in common? I bet his wife could tell you Podcast 2020/05/08
Episode 53, Who will make the College Football Playoffs per ESPN's FPI? Podcast 2020/05/05
Episode 52, Will the Group of 5 Football programs benefit the most from the NCAA's Name Image Likeness rules? Podcast 2020/05/01
Episode 51, 2020 post NFL Draft episode. Was your favorite player drafted? Podcast 2020/04/28
Episode 50, Sports conspiracy mini series part 2 and the journey to the NFL draft for the top 4 QBs Podcast 2020/04/24
Episode 49, Will high school basketball phenom Jalen Green committing to the NBA G league collapse college basketball? Plus a new sports conspiracy mini series Podcast 2020/04/21
Episode 48 Will college athletics crumble financially due to the unbelievable effects of the Corona Virus crisis? Podcast 2020/04/17
Episode 47, The Delirious Drunken Trivia Episode Podcast 2020/04/14
Episode 46, Who was responsible for the Patriot Dynasty, Tom or Bill? Podcast 2020/04/10
Episode 45 Sorts true crime part 3 The Blade Runner Killer Podcast 2020/04/07
Episode 44, Sports true crime part 2 plus will college football be canceled next season? Podcast 2020/04/03
Episode 43 Part one of sports true crime series Podcast 2020/03/31
Episode 42 Which sport has the best conspiracies? Podcast 2020/03/27
Episode 41 What is your all time favorite sports movie? Podcast 2020/03/24
Episode 40, Why did Brady go to the Bucs? Mr. X has his theory! Podcast 2020/03/20
Episode 39, Will Brady take his talents to the beach or home? Podcast 2020/03/17
Episode 38 Podcast 2020/03/13
Episode 37 Is Lebron James king again? Podcast 2020/03/10
Episode 36 What is bigger news? Corona virus or where Brady will end up? Podcast 2020/03/06
Episode 35 What will the Patriots, Bucs, and Jags do with their QB situations? Podcast 2020/03/03