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About Us: Sports Bliss with Rob and Kris is a podcast about our comedic take on sports and sports related events. We love funny things, beer, and all sports especially NFL, NBA, and college football. Mostly centered around our favorite teams the Patriots, Jags, Magic, UF Gators, and UCF Knights!!

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Title Category Date
Built Bar bilks BYU football players, plus the NFL will flex this fall, and the Pac 12 and Big Ten owe money to tv Podcast 2023/05/30
CrossFit Semi finals in Orlando, should PEDs be allowed in sports, dominance in the NBA, plus college football drama Podcast 2023/05/23
ACC civil war brewing? NBA draft lottery conspiracy plus NBA playoff update Podcast 2023/05/19
Cheating in baseball again? The Commanders finally sell and a new NIL platform for supporting college athletes Podcast 2023/05/16
Orlando gets an NFL team? More college betting scandals, Tiger in trouble with Erica Herman, and Bob Huggins in hot water Podcast 2023/05/12
Mage wins the Derby, WWE Backlash review, NBA playoff talk, and Favre versus Sharpe Podcast 2023/05/09
NFL being investigated again, Big XII to modernise football viewing, PAC 12’s TV troubles Podcast 2023/05/05
NFL Draft, NBA playoffs, break-out fantasy football players for 2023 Podcast 2023/05/02
NBA playoff review, Biggest moments and biggest busts in NFL draft history Podcast 2023/04/28
NFL Draft, could Anthony Richardson be a top 5 pick? Barkley to host a new show on CNN plus NBA playoffs Podcast 2023/04/25
Could John Rhys Plumlee be a legit NFL qb prospect? Commanders sale issue, Dabo Swinney pulling scholarships? Podcast 2023/04/21
How will Jalen Hurts new contract affect Lamar Jackson? E40 drama in Sac Town, plus Arch Manning’s spring game debut Podcast 2023/04/18
Jeff Hardy returns to AEW, Tampa Bay Rays to Orlando? Plus a loophole in the college football transfer waiver system Podcast 2023/04/14
Odell to the Ravens, Mavs tanking, Timberwolves meltdown, and can the Orlando Guardians add? Podcast 2023/04/11
Lamar Jackson and the Ravens stalemate, Bob Huggins feels bad for new Big XII teams, and NBA collective bargaining agreement Podcast 2023/04/07
Orlando Guardians first win, WWE big news, NCAA Tourney, and participation trophies eliminated? Podcast 2023/04/04
Is there collusion against Lamar Jackson or is it a battle of the owners versus guaranteed contracts? Plus more Podcast 2023/03/31
Which team will Lamar Jackson play for next season? Will the transfer portal and NIL be the down fall or savior for college basketball? Podcast 2023/03/28
Will the Bucs draft a quarterback? Will UCF basketball have it’s first NBA lottery pick? Baseball most watched game ever Podcast 2023/03/24
Orlando Guardians officially the worst in the XFL, Michael Irvin video, March Madness, and Chicken Tender controversy Podcast 2023/03/21
John Ruiz suing the NCAA? UCF Knights defeat the Gators again and Baker becomes a Buc Podcast 2023/03/17
Lamar Jackson, Aaron Rodgers, and Panthers news. Plus UCF Knights and Gators rematch? Podcast 2023/03/14
Orlando Guardians plays sold? Jonathan Isaac done with the Magic? Plus NFL quarterback news and Jalen Carter in trouble Podcast 2023/03/07
NFL quarterback carousel, Brittany Mahomes and Joe Rogan, plus can the Orlando Guardians win? Podcast 2023/03/03
FSU wants unequal media money distribution? Are the Orlando Guardians the worst in the XFL? Plus Magic and MLS news Podcast 2023/02/28
Can the Magic Make the Playoffs? Will Apple TV help or hurt the MLS? plus Bama basketball controversy and more Podcast 2023/02/24
Mac McClung saves the dunk contest, XFL opening weekend with beer snake? Pac 12 rumors plus more Podcast 2023/02/21
Did the Super Bowl shine bright like a diamond? Orlando Magic trade update, Michael Irvin defamation lawsuite Podcast 2023/02/14
NFL trade deadline, Super Bowl LVII, and PAC 12 expansion? Podcast 2023/02/10
Mo Bamba to UFC? Kyrie to the Mavs? Gators Rashada NIL contract exposed Podcast 2023/02/07
Tom Brady conspiracies? Did the Gators cancel Jayden Rashada’s NIL deal due to new NCAA bylaw? Plus a Bob Ross Conspiracy Podcast 2023/02/03
Bally Sports Network Bankrupt? Nick Saban rejects 2 players NIL requests, plus NFL reaction and more Podcast 2023/01/31
NFL Conference Championship preview. Orlando Magic Trade rumors Podcast 2023/01/27
Burrow buries the Bills, NFL Divisional playoff review, potential quarterback targets for Tampa and more Podcast 2023/01/24
Dak bounces Brady out of the playoffs, NFL Divisional playoff preview, plus college football news Podcast 2023/01/20
Jags shock the Chargers in historic NFL Playoff game. 49ers look Purdy good plus new NCAA transfer rules Podcast 2023/01/16
NFL Wild Card Weekend Preview, Star Gator Football Recruit NIL deal gone bad? Podcast 2023/01/13
Bucs, Jags, and Dolphins all make the playoffs. Greg Sankey has had enough of early signing period Podcast 2023/01/10
Damar Hamlin of the Bills, NFL week 18 preview, UCF hires a new offensive coordinator Podcast 2023/01/06
Bucs in the playoffs, Jags 1 game away, TCU and Georgia will meet in CFP. Podcast 2023/01/03
Should Tua retire due to concussions? Can the Bucs stay alive? Plus Orlando magic melee and college football playoffs Podcast 2022/12/30
Is Jerry Jones the daddy or not the daddy? College football player accuses school of tampering plus NFL review Podcast 2022/12/27
Minshew mania is back, can Brady and the Bucs bounce back? Plus Orlando Magic and College football news Podcast 2022/12/23
The Colts colossal collapse, Bucs lose, Jags upset the Boys, UCF preview and Pat McAfee on the Gators Podcast 2022/12/20
Berkeley tax, NFL preview, UCF rumors and coaching changes, plus CFB bowl preview Podcast 2022/12/16
Is Todd Bowles on the hot seat? Is Trevor Lawrence turning the corner? Plus Orlando Magic and college football news Podcast 2022/12/13
Brady leads great comeback against the Saints, Bucs Jags Dolphins preview, plus college football portal madness Podcast 2022/12/09
NCAA Transfer portal is open, Knights lose to Tulane, Dolphins and Jags review Podcast 2022/12/06
College Football playoffs officially expand, NFL and college football preview Podcast 2022/12/02
War on I 4 review, College football playoffs race, will the Bucs or Jags have more total wins this year? and more Podcast 2022/11/29
Will UCF make the AAC Championship game? College Football rivalry weekend, coaching carousel, and NFL preview Podcast 2022/11/24
Can the UCF Knights make the conference championship? Wild weekend in the NFL and college review Podcast 2022/11/22
Will the Knights sink the Midshipmen? Brady and FXT in trouble, plus Gators and Hurricanes portal problems Podcast 2022/11/18
NFL week 10 review, Olivia Dunne vs the NY Times, UCF, Gators, Noles, and Canes win plus Texas A&M makes history Podcast 2022/11/15
NFL week 10 preview, Aaron Rodgers on McCarthy, Week 11 College football preview and CFB rankings debate Podcast 2022/11/11
Bucs, Jags, Dolphins win. Rodgers worst game all time? Knights, Gators, Noles win! Bama and Clemson lose Podcast 2022/11/08
Could the Commanders be sold? Bucs, Jags, Fins preview and Knights versus Tigers and more college football Podcast 2022/11/04
UCF Knights in top 25, Big XII gets a new extension, Bucs and Jags lose, and Fins come back Podcast 2022/11/01
Who will make the playoffs, Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers? UCF Knights , Gators, Noles, Hurricanes preview Podcast 2022/10/28
Bucs, Jags, Knights, and Hurricanes have horrible games. NFL week 7 review and college football week 8 review Podcast 2022/10/25
Guess who is back for the Bucs? Plus who will have more wins to finish this season the Gators, FSU, or Miami? Podcast 2022/10/21
Why did Tom Brady really go to Kraft’s wedding? NFL week 6 and college football review Podcast 2022/10/18
Will Dan Snyder be forced to sell the Commanders? NFL week 6 preview, and college football preview Podcast 2022/10/14
QB controversies in the NFL? Bucs, Jags, Dolphins review week 5 and college football review Podcast 2022/10/11
Lana Rhoades baby daddy is a NBA player? Trouble in Tampa with Brady and Gisele. UCF football review and more Podcast 2022/10/07
NFL trouble in Florida, crazy college football weekend, and marriage advice from Mike Leech? Podcast 2022/10/04
Can the Jags win the AFC South? NFL and college football review including UCF Knights and Gators Podcast 2022/09/27
Sarver to sell. Boston coach in trouble. NBA lowers age restrictions, Plus NFL and college football previews and picks Podcast 2022/09/23
Bucs and Saints smack down in the Super Dome. Knights bounce back and Gators survive the cows plus more Podcast 2022/09/20
Tom Brady and Gisele over? Bucs, Jags, Fins preview, week 3 college football UCF and UF preview and more Podcast 2022/09/16
NFL over reaction to week 1, huge upsets in college football, plus UCF Knights and UF Gators review Podcast 2022/09/13
Dabo gets extension, Orgeron firing story, Brian Kelly tardy drama, plus week 2 college football preview Podcast 2022/09/09
College Football Playoffs expand, UF Gators and UCF Knights win plus full week 1 review Podcast 2022/09/06
Big XII talking to ESPN and FOX? Week 1 college football picks, Dan Mullen’s Heisman picks,, and Calvin Ridley gets robbed Podcast 2022/09/02
Tom Brady returns, the Bills punter in trouble, and Scott Frost melts down in Dublin. Plus UCF Knights game 1 preview Podcast 2022/08/30
College football is back! Week zero picks, ACC, Big XII, and AAC predictions, plus KD and Chet Holmgren Podcast 2022/08/26
Brady to the Raiders? Big Ten, Pac12, SEC predictions and the UCF Knights announce Qb1 Podcast 2022/08/23
Big 10 lands BIG DEAL, Lebron back with the Lakers, Aaron Rodgers still complaining plus more Podcast 2022/08/19
Deshaun Watson’s debut and apology, a Bengals curse? Plus Gators recruiting and new facilities Podcast 2022/08/16
college football teams that could cause chaos plus Tua and Brady at combined preseason camp Podcast 2022/08/12
Kareem Hunt, more Aaron Rodgers stories, plus college football coaches poll and more news Podcast 2022/08/09
Deodorant debate, Aaron Rodgers and Ayahuasca, Gators and Knights fall camp begins, Dolphins tampering Podcast 2022/08/05
Deshaun Watson’s suspension plus do ESPN and Fox only want 2 super conferences? Podcast 2022/08/02
Orlando City Soccer makes the US Open Cup finals, plus the Bucs add a free agent but may lose a starter Podcast 2022/07/29
Could student athlete unionization actually lead to stabilization in college football? Kevin Durant, Orlando Magic, and NFL+ Podcast 2022/07/26
Should the Florida Georgia game move from Jacksonville? Kirby thinks so. Kyler Murray gets paid Podcast 2022/07/22
Could the Detroit Lions be the NFL’s Rich Strike? Plus Harden, Westbrook, and Doug Gottlieb news Podcast 2022/07/19
2022 College football coaches hot seat plus could the Magic trade for Donovan Mitchell? Podcast 2022/07/15
Paolo Banchero is Magic for Orlando! NFL Sunday Ticket on the Move? Plus more college football Rumors Podcast 2022/07/12
Baker Mayfield is free, can the ACC save the PAC 12, plus is Chet Holmgren the real deal? Podcast 2022/07/08
USC and UCLA reignite conference realignment and more KD and Kyrie Irving Drama Podcast 2022/07/05
NBA free agency mania and the Big XII hires a new commissioner Podcast 2022/07/01
Is Banchero the Magic Orlando needs for a championship? Gator Collective dysfunctional per Mike Caspino Podcast 2022/06/28
What percentage of NBA number 1 picks win a NBA championship? Gronk and Fitzmagic retire. The PGA in more trouble Podcast 2022/06/24
UCF mascot debate Citronauts vs the Knights? Where will Kyrie Irving play next season? Podcast 2022/06/21
The MLS takes a bite out of Apple TV. John Ruiz and the Miami Hurricanes get investigated. Plus more Podcast 2022/06/17
Is Jayson Tatum a superstar? What are Jimmy G and Baker’s future? UCF to Big XII in 2023 plus more Podcast 2022/06/14
The PGA announces a ban. Can the Warriors turn it around for game 4? Will the Browns be without Watson this season? Podcast 2022/06/10
Can Matt Ryan make NFL history? Can the Celtics rebound to gain control in game 3 of NBA Finals? Podcast 2022/06/07
How are these NBA finals like the Bulls Jazz 1998 finals? Is the PGA tour in trouble? Podcast 2022/06/03
Can the Celtics keep winning in the Finals? What Is Lamar Jackson thinking? Plus are the Longhorns overrated Podcast 2022/05/31
Will the Celtics closeout the Heat? Is Kaepernick back? SEC only playoff? Plus more Podcast 2022/05/27
Are the Dallas Mavericks done? More Saban and Jimbo news and Julian Edelman imitates Bill Belichick Podcast 2022/05/24
Magic win the lottery and is Nick Saban right or a hypocrite? Plus NBA playoff reaction and more Podcast 2022/05/20
Should the Suns move on from Monty Williams? Plus NBA Playoff review, USFL, & college football news Podcast 2022/05/17
Will there be big changes with the Nets and Lakers? Plus the ACC changes their football scheduling and more Podcast 2022/05/13
Player code NBA playoff breakdown and Jerry Jones asked CEO of Papa Johns to fire Roger Goodell? Podcast 2022/05/10
The SEC and Pac 12 go to Capitol Hill and Deion spills the tea on college transfers Podcast 2022/05/06
Pitt coach accuses USC's Lincoln Riley of tampering and NBA playoff reaction, plus more Podcast 2022/05/03
Who will replace Mark Emmert as the new NCAA president? Plus revenue sharing in the Pac 12 with student athletes? Podcast 2022/04/29
The True crime story of ex-NBA star Mookie Blaylock and more changes in the NIL world of college sports Podcast 2022/04/26
Will injuries decide the NBA Championship? Plus Johnny Depp trial reaction and UCF Football drama Podcast 2022/04/22
Is Billy Napier Urban Meyer 2.0? Plus NBA Playoffs, Gators, Knights, and Hurricanes spring game reaction Podcast 2022/04/19
Baker wants to boo you at work and Daniel Snyder of the Commanders is at it again. Plus Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, and Gator’s Spring game Podcast 2022/04/15
Orlando Magic season review and is the college football world blowing up? Plus USFL news Podcast 2022/04/12
Big change in the Big XII plus is there trouble in Gainesville with the Gators Billy Napier? Podcast 2022/04/08
Is this the end of King James? Plus UCF gets a new WBB coach and is Colin Kaepernick back? Podcast 2022/04/05
Bruce Arians retires, Deshaun Watson’s leaked testimony, and Dick Vitale on cheating in the transfer portal Podcast 2022/04/01
Tom Brady to the Dolphins? Will Baker get traded soon? Plus NCAA news and more Podcast 2022/03/29
NFL free agency news shocking the world plus NCAA and NBA news Podcast 2022/03/25
The Browns, Baker, and Deshaun Watson take 2. Plus NCAA Tourney news and the Gators get a new coach Podcast 2022/03/22
Are the Browns botching the Baker situation? Is bigger better in college football coaching staffs? Podcast 2022/03/18
Tom Brady is back!! Why did Mike White leave the Florida Gators for the Georgia Bulldogs basketball program? Podcast 2022/03/15
Aaron Rodgers staying home, Russell Wilson to Denver and Ben Simmons returns to Philly Podcast 2022/03/11
Coach K retires, Brittney Griner, Zion Williamson, and Aaron Rodgers news Podcast 2022/03/08
More Tom Brady rumors, plus College football changing rules? And Lakers and UCF Knights talk Podcast 2022/03/04
Are the Lakers in melt down mode plus NFL news and way too early College Football Playoff predictions Podcast 2022/03/01
What is going on with Aaron Rodgers and MLB lockout update Podcast 2022/02/25
Dallas Cowgirls voyeurism scandal and no College Football Playoff expansion until 2025 Podcast 2022/02/22
Super Bowl 56 preview and Antonio Brown and Kanye West team up? Podcast 2022/02/11
More drama in the NFL plus NFL coaching hires and drama with college coaches Podcast 2022/02/08
Will Brian Flores’s lawsuit change the NFL landscape? Plus have the Orlando Magic turned the corner? Podcast 2022/02/04
AFC and NFC Championship reaction, plus Tom Brady retires? Maybe? Podcast 2022/02/01
AFC and NFC Championship preview and coaching carousel update Podcast 2022/01/28
NFL divisional playoff review and what are Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady's future Podcast 2022/01/25
NFL divisional playoff preview and other NFL news Podcast 2022/01/21
NFL Super Wild Card weekend review, plus what is wrong with Dak and the Cowboys? Podcast 2022/01/18
NFL Super Wild Card weekend preview and Jim McElwain naked shark guy mystery solved Podcast 2022/01/14
College Football Championship and the NFL coaching carousel Podcast 2022/01/11
Is Aaron Rodgers a jerk? Plus Harbaugh back to the NFL, AB update, and Urban Liar is at it again Podcast 2022/01/07
Sports Bliss court case Antonio Brown, plus NFL news and are college football players being selfish? Podcast 2022/01/04
Is the transfer portal in college football really good for athletes? Plus College Football playoff preview and week 17 NFL preview Podcast 2021/12/31
The UCF Knights defeat the Florida Gators, Kristie’s punishment and the NFL Playoff race Podcast 2021/12/28
Urban is finally fired! What exactly happened? Plus college football recruiting reaction to the Knights and Gators 2022 class Podcast 2021/12/17
Has Urban Meyer lost it? College football news and UCF Knights and Florida Gators recruiting Podcast 2021/12/14
Jacksonville Jaguars drama alert plus college football news and a bet between Rob and Kristie Podcast 2021/12/10
The Miami Hurricanes hire a new coach. Plus college football breakdown of the College Football Playoff rankings and NFl review of week 13 Podcast 2021/12/07
College football madness and robots self replicating Podcast 2021/12/03
Is this the craziest college football season on and off the field? Plus NFL reaction to week 12 Podcast 2021/11/30
Mullen fired from the Gators. Chaos in the Jags coaching staff plus NFL and college football review Podcast 2021/11/23
College football week 12 preview and week 11 NFL preview Podcast 2021/11/19
What is happening with the Qbs in the NFL? Plus College football Blue Blood Upsets Podcast 2021/11/16
Cam is back in Carolina! Plus NFL and college football preview Podcast 2021/11/12
Will Dan Mullen survive the season in Gainesville? Plus a review of this upset filled weekend in the NFL and college football Podcast 2021/11/09
Patrick Mahomes and OBJ drama. NFL picks and college football predictions Podcast 2021/11/05
How will an expanded College Football Playoff effect future seasons? Plus college football and NFL wrap-up Podcast 2021/11/02
Can the Gators upset the Bulldogs? Plus week 9 college football and NFL preview Podcast 2021/10/29
Love It or Flush It over reaction football edition Podcast 2021/10/26
Deshaun Watson to the Dolphins? Baker’s wife comes to his defense. Plus NFL and College football preview Podcast 2021/10/22
Ed Orgeron is out at LSU. Plus Love It or Flush it football edition Podcast 2021/10/19
Who is on the hotter coaches seat, Brian Flores, Ed Orgeron, or Manny Diaz? Plus Kyrie Irving, Ben Simmons, and football preview Podcast 2021/10/15
UF Gators vs Vandy and UCF Knights vs ECU Pirates football reactions plus we play love it or flush it Podcast 2021/10/12
Is there Urban decay in Jacksonville with the Jaguars head coach? Plus fraud scandal in the NBA Podcast 2021/10/08
What in the world happend in the NFL and college football this weekend? Plus is Urban Meyer in trouble? Podcast 2021/10/05
Who will have more interceptions this year, Trevor Lawrence or Zach Wilson? Plus college and NFL review Podcast 2021/09/28
What is going on with Aaron Rodgers? Plus college and NFL preview Podcast 2021/09/24
Is Trevor Lawrence a bust? Do the Dolphins need to move on from Tua? Plus college football and NFL review Podcast 2021/09/21
The tragic story of the Aggie bon fire. Plus week 3 college football picks and NFL preview Podcast 2021/09/17
Who will win the ACC? Over emotional Monday plus college football and NFL roundup Podcast 2021/09/14
What does a move to the Big 12 mean for UCF football? Plus week 2 college football predictions Podcast 2021/09/10
Winners and losers of college football’s week 1. Plus we review the sunshine states week 1 games Podcast 2021/09/07
Where will Cam Newton end up and are the Dolphins really trading for Deshaun Watson? Plus week 1 college football picks Podcast 2021/09/03
Cornhuskers coach Scott Frost’s seat is now scorching at Nebraska and Gardner Minshew to the Eagles reaction Podcast 2021/08/31
UF Gators and UCF Knights season preview and predictions Podcast 2021/08/27
NFL news and the true crime story of Dyatlov Pass Podcast 2021/08/24
Frost is in hot water with the NCAA and who will win the SEC East this year the Gators or Dawgs? Podcast 2021/08/20
Rookie quarterback NFL preseason over reaction and 4 important questions for the Orlando Magic Podcast 2021/08/17
Baylor Bears get probation, Jalen Suggs is the real deal, and NFL news Podcast 2021/08/13
Orlando Magic summer league preview, Bobby Bowden remembered, and NFL Hall of fame review Podcast 2021/08/10
Aaron Rodgers returns, NBA free agency, and Notre Dame streaming on Peacock app Podcast 2021/08/06
Is Jalen Suggs finally the star the Magic were looking for? Plus Aaron Rogers is back and Wentz is hurt again Podcast 2021/08/03
Is ESPN the mastermind that will lead to the Big XII demise? Plus Jags and Dolphins news Podcast 2021/07/30
Name, image, likeness in college sports update with Ayden Syal and Brandon Wimbush of MOGL Podcast 2021/07/27
NBA Finals series review, where does the Greek Freak rank in NBA Finals performances, and Love It or Flush it Podcast 2021/07/23
NBA Finals Game 5 review and the true crime story of the sports bag killer Podcast 2021/07/20
The UCF Knights and UF Gators agree to football series. Is this good for the Knights? Plus NBA finals reaction Podcast 2021/07/16
Did the Magic hire the right coach? Does the Greek Freak get enough credit? Podcast 2021/07/13
NBA finals preview, who will win the NFL MVP, top 5 college quarterbacks, and more Podcast 2021/07/06
Which athletes will benefit most from the name, image, likeness bill? Plus NBA playoff reactions Podcast 2021/07/02
Are tight ends undervalued in the NFL today? George Kittle thinks so Podcast 2021/06/29
Is Trae Young becoming a top 5 player in the NBA? Plus other Conference Finals NBA debates Podcast 2021/06/25
What is Ben Simmons future with the sixers and other NBA playoff debates? Podcast 2021/06/22
Has cancel culture gone too far? Sir Charles thinks so plus NBA playoff reaction to Sixers and Hawks Podcast 2021/06/18
Second round NBA playoff update and the Orlando Magic coaching search continues Podcast 2021/06/15
Does Lebron changing his number signal a return to South Beach? Is College Football Playoff expansion coming? Podcast 2021/06/11
Are super teams good or bad for the NBA? Who will be the next Orlando Magic coach debate Podcast 2021/06/08
The 10 most ridiculous sports stories of all time? Podcast 2021/06/04
Do you agree with Kyrie Irving that NBA players are like zoo animals? Why does Lebron dislike Orlando? Podcast 2021/06/01
Have sports fans gone too far? Plus Trevor Lawrence and Tua Tagovailoa updates Podcast 2021/05/28
reaction to game 1 of NBA playoff series and the changing world of college basketball Podcast 2021/05/25
Interview with Jake Fischer, author of Built to Lose: How the NBA’s tanking era has changed the league forever Podcast 2021/05/21
What if Tim Duncan had signed with the Orlando Magic? Podcast 2021/05/18
Could the NFL season opening weekend feature Blake Bortels versus Jameis Winston or are we in a time warp? Podcast 2021/05/14
Can Tim Tebow really help the Jaguars? Will Aaron Rodgers play this season for Green Bay? Podcast 2021/05/11
Will the 2021 NFL Draft be known for late round steals or power brand dominance? Podcast 2021/05/04
It’s NFL Draft time. Are you ready? Football news, discussion, and more Podcast 2021/04/30
Will the College Football Playoff committee get expansion right or just make the power brands more powerful? Podcast 2021/04/27
Will Kyle Trask be the greatest pro quarterback from the Florida Gators? Should the Orlando City Lions take the transfer fee for Daryl Dike? Podcast 2021/04/23
Will the new European Super League destroy European Football? Podcast 2021/04/20
Are today’s pro athletes too soft? Podcast 2021/04/16
UCF and FSU Football Spring game review and the effect Name Image Likeness had on both events Podcast 2021/04/13
Is it time for College football to have a centralized scheduler? Plus Gators basketball talk and more Podcast 2021/04/09
Who will be this biggest quarterback bust from this years NFL draft? ls Jalen Suggs the player that the Orlando Magic need? Podcast 2021/04/06
Should the NCAA receive special relief from normal antitrust rules to protect its tradition of amateurism in college sports? Plus Forida Gator and UCF por day talk Podcast 2021/04/02
What are the effects of the Miami Dolphin’s recent trades? Which teams could it effect? Podcast 2021/03/30
The Orlando Magic have a fire sale!! Plus Jordan Vanek of Grid Iron Ratings joins us for UCF football and NFL talk Podcast 2021/03/26
Cinderella Madness in March. Why are there so many upsets in March Madness this year? Podcast 2021/03/23
Can Deshaun Watson recover from the current accusations against him? Plus discussion of NFL free agent frenzy Podcast 2021/03/19
March Madness begins and will this be the offseason of the one year contract in the NFL? Podcast 2021/03/16
Dak got paid, but will that lead to Cowboys success? History suggests it won’t Podcast 2021/03/12
Who are the most over rated NFL free agents? Should the NBA have a hard salary cap? Podcast 2021/03/09
Who do Davonte Smith and Jaylen Waddle think is better Tua or Mac Jones? Plus Baker Mayfield and Big Ben news Podcast 2021/03/05
The NFLPA encourages the players and agents to collude this off season!! Plus the quarterback carousel continues Podcast 2021/03/02
Interview with former Notre Dame and UCF quarterback Brandon Wimbush and Ayden Syal about their new business venture MOGL Podcast 2021/02/26
Can the Magic make the Playoffs? Where will the Falcon’s Matt Ryan end up? Podcast 2021/02/23
Is it time for the Orlando Magic to tank? Where will JJ Watt end up? Podcast 2021/02/19
Is Gus Malzahn the right hire for the UCF Knights? Podcast 2021/02/16
Was Rick Flair sold on the black market as a baby? Plus Where will Carson Wentz, Dak Prescott, and Deshaun Watson end up next season? Podcast 2021/02/12
Can Tom Brady and the Tompa Bay Bucs make it back to Super Bowl 56? Podcast 2021/02/09
Super Bowl 55 Sports Bliss extravagancy edition Podcast 2021/02/05
Who won in the Stafford and Goff trade? Is it better to be at an elite G5 or mid level P5 college football program? Plus Are you ready for the Super Bowl? Podcast 2021/02/02
How will UCF replace the losses of AD Danny White and Football coach Josh Heupel Podcast 2021/01/29
Will Tom Brady hold all the Super Bowl records? Could this be a historic off season for the quarterback market in the NFL? Podcast 2021/01/26
Fire the Cannons!! Can Brady and the Bucs make swiss cheese out of Rodgers and the Packers? Plus more Podcast 2021/01/22
NFL Divisional reaction, the Orlando Magic are in a Downward Spiral, and should Trevor Lawrence be worried his new coach will be Urban Meyer? Podcast 2021/01/19
3, 2, 1 the James Harden trade takes off!! Plus NFL Divisional Playoff preview Podcast 2021/01/15
Playoffs! Playoffs!! NFL Super Wild Card weekend wrap up and will Urban Meyer be the next Jags coach? Podcast 2021/01/12
NFL Super Wild Card Preview plus should the Dolphins draft a QB in this years draft and is Deshaun Watson right in requesting a trade? Podcast 2021/01/08
Will the 2020 College Football season be the spark that starts the fire of change for college football and the College Football Invitational to be all inclusive in the future or will it cause a colossal change to the college football landscape? Plus NFL playoff race preview Podcast 2021/01/01
Have teams figured out how to slow down Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs Podcast 2020/12/29
Santa, all I want for Christmas is a playoff series win for the Orlando Magic Podcast 2020/12/25
Merry Christmas Jaguars!! The Jets gave you an early Christmas present Podcast 2020/12/22
Austin Pistulka of Open Mike on 969 the Game joins us to discuss if the broken College Football Invitational can be fixed, plus more Podcast 2020/12/18
After this weekend will Jalen Hurts permanently replace Carson Wentz? Could the Gators loss to LSU mean the SEC could be left out of the College Football Invitational totally? Podcast 2020/12/15
After this weekend will Jaen Hurts permanently replace Carson Wentz? Could the Gators loss to LSU mean the SEC could be left out of the College Football Invitational totally? Podcast 2020/12/15
Is the College Football Invitational a real playoff in college football or just a TV event created for ratings? Podcast 2020/12/11
Did the Jets fire the right coach? Will Ohio State Buckeyes make the College Football Invitational Oops Playoffs? Podcast 2020/12/08
Is Kirk Herbstreit saying college football is fixed? Where will UCF QB McKenzie Milton play next season? Podcast 2020/12/04
Is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ship sinking? Plus the story of how the Orlando Magic franchise was started and more Podcast 2020/12/01
The true crime story of former Green Bay Packer Randall Woodfield Podcast 2020/11/24
How did the Magic do in the NBA draft? Plus a big preview of NFL and college football Podcast 2020/11/20
Will the Orlando Magic make a big move with a trade or the draft? Did Kyle Trask lock up the Heisman? Plus College and NFL weekend wrap up Podcast 2020/11/17
Will Covid 19 jeopardize the rest of the College Football season? Can Brady and the Bucs bounce back? Plus more Podcast 2020/11/13
Is Tom Brady and the Bucs washed up or are the Saints really that good? Plus a wild college football weekend review Podcast 2020/11/10
It's time for the Worlds largest cocktail party, who will win the Georgia Bulldogs or Florida Gators? Plus NFL preview Podcast 2020/11/06
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