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About Us: The Sports As a Job Podcast is hosted by Kolby Castillo and Olivia Puttin. Each of us are pursuing a career in College Athletics. We understand the importance of networking and the years of e

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Ep. 003: You Are Not a Fraud! Podcast 2021/06/13
Ep. 002: Don't Sell Yourself Short, Logan Belz the Assistant Athletic Director for Special Projects at California State University Bakersfield Podcast 2021/06/06
Ep. 001: Tupperware Emptied Marks the Return Podcast 2021/05/30
Journey of Justin Newell from Wildlife Research through College Athletics to now an Assistant Athletic Director at Kenyon College Podcast 2021/03/21
Director of Events & Facilities at Baylor University Athletics, Sarah Deffebach Podcast 2021/03/07
Founder of Latinx in Sports and Sponsorship & Tours Coordinator for ISL, Alana Meraz Podcast 2021/02/20
Sharing Major Takeaways From the NCAA Emerging Leaders Seminar Podcast 2021/02/07
The Ultimate Question: Why Do You Want to Work in Sports? Let me help you find your reason. Podcast 2021/01/18
"Every Season Has a Reason", Learn How Madison Hedding Adjust Her Sports Career Due to COVID-19 Podcast 2021/01/10
From A Dream at 10 Years Old to Making it Her Reality, Amanda Weaver Podcast 2020/12/13
From a Small Town in Iowa to Sharing Stories on the Big Stage, Bri Lewerke Podcast 2020/12/06
Serving Others Always Comes Back Twofold, The Rookie Contract Duo: Kate Norum and Dakota Zientek Podcast 2020/11/21
A Young Career Already Filled with Wisdom, Head of Marketing for Momentum, Alec Palmer Podcast 2020/11/15
Director of Facilities and Events, San Jose State University Athletics, Garrett Ton Podcast 2020/11/08
Celebrating Episode 70 and the Famous Olivia Puttin a University of Georgia Communications GA Joins Us Podcast 2020/11/01
Retired 17-Year Sportscaster and Founder of I'm Changing The Narrative, Rachel Joy Baribeau Podcast 2020/10/25
Assistant AD of Creative Services at University of Missouri-Columbia, Ali Fisher Podcast 2020/10/18
Assistant Director of Marketing for BGSU Athletics, Allie Popp Podcast 2020/10/11
Senior Data Analyst for Zoomph, Geoff Blosat Podcast 2020/10/04
Creating Your Own Path and Electric Vibes Through Story-Telling, Alexis Cuzzo Podcast 2020/09/27
20+ Years of Sports Industry Experience & President of Farrell Sports Worldwide, Matt Farrell Podcast 2020/09/20
Athletics Business Analyst for the University of Virginia, Joe Kuykendall Podcast 2020/09/13
Orlando Magic Digital Content Designer, Tony Huynh Podcast 2020/09/06
Support Women in Sports Podcast, Sydney Large and Alana Meraz Podcast 2020/08/30
Creative Director for the Detroit Lions, Ashley Strauss Podcast 2020/08/23
Game Changer NARP Clothing, KJ Bryant and Patrick Cromwell Podcast 2020/08/16
Overtime Sports Industry Recap 8/03 to 8/09 Video 2020/08/09
Social and Digital for the WNBA, Jenny Fischer Podcast 2020/08/09
Overtime Sports Industry News 7/27 to 8/02 Video 2020/08/02
Executive Director of Operations for the Future Legends Complex, Casey Katofsky Podcast 2020/08/02
RoundUp #3 with Maria Martin Award Winning Sports Reporter/Anchor Video 2020/07/29
Overtime Sports Industry Recap 7/20 to 7/26 Video 2020/07/26
Freelance Producer/Storyteller Emily Chenery, Testing New Strategies to Push New Boundaries Podcast 2020/07/26
Break the Glass Ceiling with Sports Reporter and Brand, Aliyah Funschelle Podcast 2020/07/19
From the Bronx with a Dream to Working in Sports as a Sports Reporter with The Athletic Video 2020/07/15
Jeff Hanel the Director of Post-Production for Auburn Athletics Podcast 2020/07/12
Sports As A Job Roundup featuring Matt Hamilton, producer for Good Morning Football on NFL Network Video 2020/07/07
Building the Voices of the Future, Student Union Sports and Sports As A Job Collaboration Podcast 2020/07/05
The Underdog Mentality, Founder of JokerMag Tyler O'Shea Podcast 2020/06/28
The Maker Mentality with Adam Martin the founder of Makers of Sport Podcast 2020/06/21
Former XFL New York Guardians and NBA Social Media, Drew Zlogar Podcast 2020/06/14
Sports Executives Taking You Behind The Scenes, Chris Valente & Rob Crain Podcast 2020/06/07
Learn How to Create your Own Platform, Kailee Cavaliere Founder of Sports Passport Podcast 2020/06/05
Generational Impact. Edward Jones Director of Player Development for University of Kansas Football Podcast 2020/06/03
Assistant Director of Marketing for University of South Florida Athletics, Katie Hoag Podcast 2020/05/31
Sports Entrepreneurship, Sportageous Co-Founder Zushan Hashmi Podcast 2020/05/29
Sports As a Job Podcast: The Intersection of Law and Sports, Dan Lust Video 2020/05/27
Intersection of Law and Sports, Dan Lust Podcast 2020/05/27
Bob Feller Act of Valor Award Foundation Podcast 2020/05/26
Assistant Athletics Director of Marketing at Penn State University, Chris Grosse Podcast 2020/05/24
"Apply Experiences and Advice to Your Journey", Sport Management Instructor Nicholas P. Smith Podcast 2020/05/22
Invest in Ourselves, Associate Athletic Director of Strategic Communications at UNCG Rob Knox Podcast 2020/05/20
Sports Media and Broadcasting Innovator, Talent, and Entrepreneur. Mark Fratto Podcast 2020/05/17
Think Outside the Box with Dr. Lisa Rubin, Assistant Professor of Student Services in Intercollegiate Athletics Podcast 2020/05/15
Find Your True Identity, Former Pro Volleyball Player Saana Koljonen Podcast 2020/05/13
“Secure The Bag”, Timothy Bryson Podcast 2020/05/10
VP of Digital at MKTG with 10 years of previous experience working in the NBA, Jonah Ballow Podcast 2020/05/03
Opendorse Senior Vice President of Operations, Derek Peterson Podcast 2020/04/26
Former D1 Walk-On trying turned Entrepreneur helping Athletes tell their Stories, JaColby Gilliam Podcast 2020/04/19
3 guests, 3 Journeys, 3 Perspectives, All in ONE Episode, MKTG Crew Podcast 2020/04/12
Passion into a Company: Front Office Sports, Adam White the CEO and Founder Podcast 2020/04/10
Our Hot Take on the use of Tik Tok Podcast 2020/04/08
From Childhood listener to Radio Producer, Host and Sideline Reporter: Justin Gaard Podcast 2020/04/05
Sports As A Job (Trailer) Podcast 2020/04/04
Unpaid Internships in the Sports Industry Video 2020/04/01
Unpaid Internships, Our Hot Take: Kolby and Olivia Podcast 2020/04/01
Passion into a Company: Front Office Sports, Adam White the CEO and Founder Podcast 2020/03/29
The Secret to Social Media: Human Connection, Ryan Boswell the Assistant Director - Digital Media at Utah Valley University Athletics Podcast 2020/03/22
Story Telling is the Tool to Change the World, Jenny Fischer Podcast 2020/03/15
Executive Senior Associate A.D. / Bulldog Tickets and Operations at Mississippi State University, Mike Richey Podcast 2020/03/08
Path to being part of the FIFA World Cup 2026, Max Simpson Podcast 2020/03/01
From Shy Kid to Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Fan Engagement, Scott Peace Podcast 2020/02/23
Sports As a Job Podcast Season 3 "The New Era" Video 2020/02/19
The Start of a New Era Podcast 2020/02/19
Patrick Murphy, Sports Information Assistant at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Athletics Podcast 2020/02/16
Ariana Palmer - Marketing Coordinator at University of Pittsburgh Athletics Podcast 2020/02/12
Rob Thompson - Senior Director Athletic Development, University of New Haven Podcast 2020/02/09
Rebekah Rabun - Director of Administration, Athletics at Texas A&M Podcast 2020/02/02
Harold M. Watson - Director of Athletics at Goshen College Podcast 2020/01/27
Malia Bates - Events and Fundraising Intern with the San Francisco 49ers Podcast 2020/01/22
Andrew Capirchio the Founder and Executive Director of Blessed to Announce Project Podcast 2020/01/20
What is your favorite quote? Successful and Experienced Sport Professionals share theirs! Podcast 2020/01/15
Olivia Puttin - Future Power 5 Conference School's Sports Information Director Podcast 2020/01/08
Plan A or plan B did not work. Here I am now executing plan C Podcast 2020/01/01
Kamille Meyer - From Division 1 Women's Basketball player to College Athletic Administrator Podcast 2019/12/23
Director of Athletics at nation's oldest Intercollegiate program: Don Faulstick Podcast 2019/12/18
Lauren Tietjen SVP of Events at Octagon the worlds largest Sport and Entertainment Agency Podcast 2019/12/15
3 Days of Intramural Sports: 2nd half of my job as Intramural Coordinator Video 2019/12/14
D.J. Fluck Electrical Engineer during day, co-runs Stadium Scene TV on his free time Podcast 2019/12/12
Sunday Diary #2 Recap: Take a look at a new senior student-athlete development program Podcast 2019/12/08