Sports As A Job

The Sports As a Job Podcast is hosted by Kolby Castillo and Olivia Puttin. Each of us are pursuing a career in College Athletics. We understand the importance of networking and the years of e

Location: Crookston, Minnesota, U.S


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From Shy Kid to Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Fan Engagement, Scott Peace Podcast 2020/02/23
Sports As a Job Podcast Season 3 "The New Era" Video 2020/02/19
The Start of a New Era Podcast 2020/02/19
Patrick Murphy, Sports Information Assistant at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Athletics Podcast 2020/02/16
Ariana Palmer - Marketing Coordinator at University of Pittsburgh Athletics Podcast 2020/02/12
Rob Thompson - Senior Director Athletic Development, University of New Haven Podcast 2020/02/09
Rebekah Rabun - Director of Administration, Athletics at Texas A&M Podcast 2020/02/02
Harold M. Watson - Director of Athletics at Goshen College Podcast 2020/01/27
Malia Bates - Events and Fundraising Intern with the San Francisco 49ers Podcast 2020/01/22
Andrew Capirchio the Founder and Executive Director of Blessed to Announce Project Podcast 2020/01/20
What is your favorite quote? Successful and Experienced Sport Professionals share theirs! Podcast 2020/01/15
Olivia Puttin - Future Power 5 Conference School's Sports Information Director Podcast 2020/01/08
Plan A or plan B did not work. Here I am now executing plan C Podcast 2020/01/01
Kamille Meyer - From Division 1 Women’s Basketball player to College Athletic Administrator Podcast 2019/12/23
Director of Athletics at nation's oldest Intercollegiate program: Don Faulstick Podcast 2019/12/18
Lauren Tietjen SVP of Events at Octagon the worlds largest Sport and Entertainment Agency Podcast 2019/12/15
3 Days of Intramural Sports: 2nd half of my job as Intramural Coordinator Video 2019/12/14
D.J. Fluck Electrical Engineer during day, co-runs Stadium Scene TV on his free time Podcast 2019/12/12
Sunday Diary #2 Recap: Take a look at a new senior student-athlete development program Podcast 2019/12/08