Real Football Cast

Hosted by Dan Tracey, he and guests try to make sense of all the noise that is generated in the world of football on a weekly basis.

Location: London


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Title Category Date
S2E18 - The Revolution Will Be Televised Podcast 2019/12/03
The Mourinho Era Begins Podcast 2019/11/26
S2E16 - Kicked In The Bin Part 6 Podcast 2019/11/21
S2E15 - Liverpool Give City A Pep Talk Podcast 2019/11/12
S2E14 - The Late Late Show Podcast 2019/11/05
S2E13 - Leicester On Cloud Nine Podcast 2019/10/29
S2E12 - What Does Nicolas Pepe Do? Podcast 2019/10/22
S2E11 - Kicked In The Bin Part 5 Podcast 2019/10/17
S2E10 - What A Weekend That Was Podcast 2019/10/08
S2E9 - Monday Night Woeful Podcast 2019/10/01
S2E8 - No City Centre Backs, No Problem Podcast 2019/09/24
S2E7 - Is It Liverpool's To Lose? Podcast 2019/09/17
S2E6 - Kicked In The Bin Part 4 Podcast 2019/09/10
S2E5 - Liverpool's Fab Four Podcast 2019/09/03
S2E4 - The EFL Bury Bad News Podcast 2019/08/27
S2E3 - VAR Is The Star Podcast 2019/08/20
S2E2 - The Premier League Is Back Podcast 2019/08/13
S2E1 - That Difficult Second Season Podcast 2019/08/06