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About Us: The Two-Pointers Podcast is a podcast where two childhood best friends, Trevor and Josh, talk all things hoops. The guys found their love for basketball as teenagers growing up in the backyard of Tobacco Road.

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Boston Celtics 18th Title, Legacies, And What's Next For The Dallas Mavericks With Grayson Hill Podcast 2024/06/20
Dallas Responds In Game 4 And Demolishes The Celtics With Grayson Hill Podcast 2024/06/16
Luka Doncic's Foul Out And Dallas's Short Comings In Game 3 With Grayson Hill Podcast 2024/06/14
Jrue Holiday's Heroics Secure 2-0 Celtics Lead. Plus, Dan Hurley Returns To UConn With Grayson Hill Podcast 2024/06/11
Boston Celtics Dominate Game 1 Of The NBA Finals With Grayson Hill Podcast 2024/06/08
2024 NBA Finals Preview With Chris O'Brien Podcast 2024/06/05
RIP Bill Walton. Plus, New York Knicks Vibe Check & NBA Playoffs With Chris LeBron Podcast 2024/05/29
Nuggets and Timberwolves Tied with Tyler Metcalf. Plus, Why The NBA Draft Lottery Shouldn't Change Podcast 2024/05/14
NBA Playoffs: What Have We Learned So Far? Podcast 2024/05/08
2024 NBA Made Up Awards with Grayson Hill Podcast 2024/04/24
2024 NBA End Of Season Awards with Grayson Hill Podcast 2024/04/17
Final Four Preview and NBA Under 24 Year Old Player Draft with Ethan Alsobrooks aka @BothBasketballs) Podcast 2024/04/03
NCAA Tournament Surprises & Storylines, Sweet 16 Preview, & Big East Offseason with Michael DeRosa Podcast 2024/03/27
2024 March Madness Bracket Show Podcast 2024/03/20
Wave One Jerome Picks and NBA Championship Contenders Tiers Podcast 2024/03/07
Court Storming Problem, Plus The Minnesota Timberwolves Are Legit Contenders with Tyler Metcalf Podcast 2024/02/28
Caitlin Clark's Legacy and Women's NCAA Tournament Sleepers & Predictions with Talia Goodman Podcast 2024/02/21
Was the NBA Trade Deadline a flop? with Chris O'Brien Podcast 2024/02/14
Recapping North Carolina Defeating Duke with Andy Bagwell, Plus NBA All-Star Snubs Podcast 2024/02/06
2024 NBA Mid-Season Awards with Grayson Hill Podcast 2024/01/31
Mid-Majors To Fear In March Madness with Coleman Crawley aka Sharpshot Select Podcast 2024/01/26
Indiana Pacers Trade For Pascal Siakam with Alex Golden Podcast 2024/01/24
Boston Celtics Dominating the NBA with Noa Dalzell Podcast 2024/01/17
College Basketball Contenders & Pretenders Tiers and #1 Seed Trivia with The Green Light Podcast Podcast 2024/01/11
College Basketball New Year's Resolutions With Steven Bagell Podcast 2024/01/03
2023 NBA Christmas Day Games Recap Podcast 2023/12/27
Washington Wizards New Arena & DMV College Basketball With Matt Modderno Podcast 2023/12/20
Graphic Design For The Drew League With Hassan Ahmad, Reranking The ACC & Draymond Green's Indefinite Suspension Podcast 2023/12/16
Problems With The Net Rankings & I Was Wrong About NBA In-Season Tournament Podcast 2023/12/07
Chet Holmgren Playing Like The Rookie of the Year One Big Flaw From March Madness Contender Podcast 2023/11/29
Day 2 Recap: Charleston Classic With Post-Game Comments From Rick Pitino, Kelvin Sampson, & More! Podcast 2023/11/19
James Madison Earns Top 25 Ranking With Sun Belt Syndicate & Charleston Classic Preview Podcast 2023/11/15
What Did We Learn From College Basketball Opening Day? & NBA "Best Bets" For 11/08/23 Podcast 2023/11/08
James Harden Is A Clipper, NBA Week One Reactions In Four Words Or Less, NBA Best Bets for 11/01/23 Podcast 2023/11/01
21 Questions: A 2023 College Basketball Preview With Jimmer Range Podcast Podcast 2023/10/25
NBA Western Conference Win Totals & Preview With Grayson Hill Podcast 2023/10/23
NBA Eastern Conference Win Totals & Preview With Grayson Hill Podcast 2023/10/22
NCAA Conference Realignments Impact On College Basketball Podcast 2023/08/30
TRIVIA Showdown! Episode 11, NBA & CBB: Steven Bagell vs John Simpson of The One & Done Podcast Podcast 2023/08/23
TRIVIA Showdown! Episode 10, College Basketball: Paul O'Connor vs Ian Frazier of Green Light Podcast Podcast 2023/08/16
TRIVIA Showdown! Episode 9, NBA: Grayson Hill vs Josh Gupton Podcast 2023/08/09
TRIVIA Showdown! Episode 8, NBA: Michael Davis vs Carsen Williams Podcast 2023/08/02
TRIVIA Showdown! Episode 7, College Basketball: Josh Burton vs Peyton Burton vs Phil Dexter Podcast 2023/07/26
NBA Free Agency Recap Through Five Days Podcast 2023/07/06
2023 NBA Draft Recap Show With Ryan Hammer Podcast 2023/06/28
NBA Finals Game 5 Post-Game Show With Grayson Hill Podcast 2023/06/13
NBA Finals Game 4 Post-Game Show With Grayson Hill Podcast 2023/06/10
NBA Finals Game 3 Post Game Show With Grayson Hill Podcast 2023/06/08
NBA Finals Game 2 Post Game Show With Grayson Hill Podcast 2023/06/05
NBA Finals Game 1 Post Game Show With Grayson Hill Podcast 2023/06/01
Jaden Kennedy Announces His Commitment & NBA Finals Preview With Chris O'Brien Podcast 2023/05/30
Big Announcement, Nuggets Sweep Lakers, LeBron Retirement Comments, Power Ranking Suns Coach Choices Podcast 2023/05/24
Draft Chat: 1st Round Mock Draft With Evan Townsend Podcast 2023/05/19
NBA Draft Lottery Reactions & NBA Playoffs With My Former Co Host Josh Gupton! Podcast 2023/05/16
James Harden's Play, Lakers Up 3-1 & Is Devin Booker Better Than Jayson Tatum? W/Julian Mendelsohn Podcast 2023/05/09
Draft Chat: Best In Class With Tyler Rucker Podcast 2023/05/04
Stephen Curry's Legacy, Jimmy Butler Juju & 2nd Round Storylines With Michael Davis Podcast 2023/05/03
Queens University Mens Basketball Head Coach Grant Leonard Podcast 2023/04/15
2023 NBA Awards Ballots With Grayson Hill Podcast 2023/04/11
Are The New York Knicks Legit? and Predicting The ACC Tournament! Podcast 2023/03/07
NBA Team Panic Button and Previewing Duke vs North Carolina! Podcast 2023/03/01
NBA Trade Deadline Recap! Podcast 2023/02/09
Kyrie Irving Traded To Dallas Mavericks Emergency Podcast with Grayson Hill Podcast 2023/02/05
Finding Cinderella Before She's At The Ball with Coleman Crawley Podcast 2023/01/11
Brooklyn Nets & Dallas Mavericks Win Streaks with Chris O'Brien of Ballgame Podcast Podcast 2023/01/06
Reacting To Your 2022 NBA Season Hot Takes! Podcast 2022/12/12
TRIVIA Showdown! Special Episode: Caleb & Julian from On The Clock Podcast 2022/12/08
21 Questions: A 2022 College Basketball Preview with Jimmer Range Pod Podcast 2022/11/10
NBA Storylines: News Or Snooze? Podcast 2022/11/01
Eastern and Western Conference Rankings and Awards Predictions! Podcast 2022/10/15
Eastern and Western Conference Rankings and Awards Picks! Podcast 2022/10/15
Guest Interview: Dr. Nick Elam, Creator of The Elam Ending Podcast 2022/09/14
Donovan Mitchell Traded To Cleveland Cavaliers, "Would You Rather?" Donovan Mitchell Edition, & EuroBasket Drama! Podcast 2022/09/06