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Location: Hanover , MA

About Us: A podcast/local radio show from a diehard overly obsessed sports fan from Massachusetts. Looking to become the next great sports talk radio host. Always in pursuit of the hottest take!

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Title Category Date
Pregnant Wife Guest Podcast 2023/11/17
Root for What? Podcast 2023/11/10
Who's Next? Podcast 2023/10/27
Down Bad Podcast 2023/10/06
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Make or Break Podcast 2023/09/01
Already All In Podcast 2023/08/11
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We're onto Pats Offseason Podcast 2023/06/09
Still Here! Podcast 2023/05/26
C's Vent Session Podcast 2023/05/19
Walk it back! Podcast 2023/04/07
Mad March Podcast 2023/03/17
Happy Mass Gambling App Day! Podcast 2023/03/10
New Guest! Podcast 2023/02/10
Win Some Lose Some Podcast 2023/01/13
Hello 2023 Podcast 2023/01/06
Pats in Shambles? Podcast 2022/12/07
One Frustration Podcast 2022/12/02
Maybe Sweeney was Right? Podcast 2022/11/04
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Zappe Shutout Podcast 2022/10/10
Be Zappe? Podcast 2022/10/07
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What's your confidence level? Podcast 2022/09/07
Nervous? Podcast 2022/09/02
Interview with Derek Brown Podcast 2022/08/26
Party Time Podcast 2022/08/19
Dog Days Podcast 2022/08/12
R.I.P Bill Russell Podcast 2022/08/05
Cool in July Podcast 2022/07/15
Prepping Podcast 2022/07/06
3rd Bad 4th Great Podcast 2022/06/03
Appropriate Fear Podcast 2022/06/01
Down Bad Podcast 2022/05/06
Flagrant Granted Podcast 2022/05/04
What's Successful? Podcast 2022/04/06
The Return of Big Tone Here Podcast 2022/04/01
Looking Good! Podcast 2022/03/04
Hope Against Hope Podcast 2022/03/02
Officially Done Podcast 2022/02/04
Over Time We Change Podcast 2022/02/02
Wild Finish Podcast 2022/01/07
Get Right! Podcast 2022/01/05
Soul Snatching Podcast 2021/12/08
Onto December Podcast 2021/12/03
Smart not Smart Podcast 2021/11/05
Momentum Podcast 2021/11/03
Unpacking Podcast 2021/10/06
Lets get this over with... Podcast 2021/10/01
We're Back! Podcast 2021/09/10
Laboring Podcast 2021/09/03
Unfortunate Podcast 2021/08/20
Pre-Season Form Podcast 2021/08/13
Baseball & Basketball & Tennis Oh My! Podcast 2021/07/16
Major Changes Podcast 2021/06/12
Win Some Lose Some Podcast 2021/06/04