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About Us: One and Dunne Radio is a sports show hosted by Ryan Dunne where he pours you a tall glass of sports to satisfy anyone’s crave for them.

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MLB Player Suspended for Betting. Jefferson Gets Extension. Will Tua Get New Contract? Podcast 2024/06/05
Lions Extend Goff. Pistons Get Screwed. Life Reflection. Podcast 2024/05/14
NFL Draft Winners and Losers Podcast 2024/04/30
NBA Play-In Tournament is Stupid. Tom Brady is not coming back. Ohtani talk. Podcast 2024/04/17
Thoughts on Vontae Davis, Ohtani, and JJ McCarthy. Podcast 2024/04/02
NFL Mock Draft. Baseball Is Back. Podcast 2024/03/21
NFL Free Agent Frenzy. Podcast 2024/03/12
Jason Kelce Retires. Russell Wilson Released. Manziel Won't Go To Heisman Ceremony. Podcast 2024/03/05
NBA All-Star Game Criticism. MLB Players Hate New Uniforms. Podcast 2024/02/23
Chiefs Win Super Bowl 58. Chiefs On a Dynasty? Where do 49ers Go From Here? Podcast 2024/02/13
Stop Crying About Harbaugh Taking Coaches. Super Bowl 58 Pick. Podcast 2024/02/08
NBA Players Complain About 65 games. Bill Belichick Doesn't Get NFL Job. Podcast 2024/02/02
Harbaugh Goes to the NFL. AFC and NFC Champ Game Recaps. Podcast 2024/01/30
Bill Belichick Done With Pats. Talking NFL Job Openings. Playoff Picks. Podcast 2024/01/18
Hey Haters...Michigan Are The National Champions. Nick Saban Retires. Podcast 2024/01/11
CFP Championship Pick. Week 18 NFL Picks. Podcast 2024/01/06
Michigan Beats Alabama. Washington Beats Texas. Analyzing the Championship Matchup. Podcast 2024/01/03
What NFL Teams Are Still In It? National Signing Day Has Lost It's Luster. Bowl Game Picks. Podcast 2023/12/21
NFL Playoff Picture. What Is Wrong With The Chiefs? Ohtani Defers Contract Podcast 2023/12/13
Did The CFP Committee Get It Wrong? College Football Transfer Portal Is Open Podcast 2023/12/05
Michigan Dominates Penn State. Which NFL Teams Are Still Alive? CFB Top 10. Podcast 2023/11/14
Week 9 NFL Picks. CFP Reaction. Fan Submitted Question About Michigan. Podcast 2023/11/02
Week 5 NFL Recap. Who is separating themselves in College Football? NFL Buy or Sell. Podcast 2023/10/10
Week 4 NFL Headlines. College Football Playoff Contenders? Thank you, Miguel Cabrera Podcast 2023/10/03
Week One NFL Picks. Week Two College Football Picks. Podcast 2023/09/07
College Football Picks. Jonathan Taylor Drama and More! Podcast 2023/09/01
Eduardo Rodriguez Says No To Dodgers. Did Sean Payton Break Coaches Code. How I Became A Fan Of My Teams. Podcast 2023/08/03
Account Suspended For No Reason. Jonathan Taylor Reaction. Harbaugh Gets Suspended, Also For No Reason. Podcast 2023/08/01
NFL Running Backs Are Being Devalued Every Year. Over/Under Wins for AFC Teams. Podcast 2023/07/11
4th of July Recap. My Top 5 NFL QBs. Why Baseball Viewership Has Increased? Podcast 2023/07/06
Interview with the Oklahoma City Dodgers Podcast 2023/06/06
Interview with the Binghamton Rumble Ponies. Plus, My NBA Finals pick. Podcast 2023/06/01
Interview about the Tennessee Smokies (smokiesbaseball) with Kellen Moushon. The Tennessee Titans QB Situation Podcast 2023/05/04
NFL Draft Grades. Best Situations For Each Rookie QB? Where Does Rodgers Put The Jets? Podcast 2023/05/02
OBJ Signs With Ravens. NFL Mock Draft Picks 1-5. Why The NBA Play-In Tournament Is A Waste. Podcast 2023/04/13
Stop Being Soft As A Sports Society. NFL Draft Talk. Podcast 2023/04/04
Carr Signs With Saints. Calvin Ridley Gets Reinstated Later Than He Should've. What's The Most Physical Sport Throughout A Season? Podcast 2023/03/07
NFL Talk With Rudy Reyes (@rudedogreyes). My Near Death Experience. Podcast 2023/03/02
Should the NFL Get Rid Of The Pro Bowl? What Should The Chicago Bears Do At 1? Talking Kyrie Irving. Podcast 2023/02/07
Twitter Q&A. Tom Brady Retires...This Time "For Good." Podcast 2023/02/02
Black Monday In The NFL. Week 18 Recap. The Houston Texans Are A Dumpster Fire. Podcast 2023/01/10
Michigan Loses To TCU. Damar Hamlin Reaction. Week 18 NFL Picks. Podcast 2023/01/05
Andrew Luck Article. Week 14 NFL Picks. College Football Playoff Talk. Podcast 2022/12/08
Michigan Beats Ohio State Again. Week 13 NFL Picks. CFP Reaction. Podcast 2022/12/01
Reaction To Jeff Saturday Hire. Week 10 NFL Picks. CFP Week Two Edition. Podcast 2022/11/10
Michigan-MSU Tunnel Fight. NFL Contenders and Pretenders. All-In or All-Out Before Trade Deadline? Podcast 2022/11/01
Week Seven NFL Picks. Michigan Is For Real. College Football Top Four. Podcast 2022/10/20
Matt Rhule Fired. Davante Adams Shoves Photographer. Week Six NFL Picks. Podcast 2022/10/13
Twitter Q&A: Longest Hike? Favorite Sunglasses And More! Week One NFL Picks. Podcast 2022/09/08
Twitter Q&A: Favorite College Team And More! Thursday Thought...College Football Needs To Speed Up Expansion Podcast 2022/09/01
Twitter Q&A: Favorite Water Brand? Marvel or DC and More! Thursday Thought...the NFL Will Correct The Watson Suspension Podcast 2022/08/04
Deshaun Watson Suspension Reaction. Embrace The Preseason. Podcast 2022/08/02
Twitter Q&A: Longest Job Held? Preferred Airline And More! Plus, My Thursday Thought...An In-Season NBA Tournament Is Stupid Podcast 2022/07/14
Twitter Q&A: First MP3 Player? Favorite BBQ Food And More! Plus, Reaction To Baker Mayfield Being Traded. Podcast 2022/07/07
Twitter Qs: Favorite Cereal? Dream Car And More! Thursday Thought...Baseball Is Trying To Appeal To The Younger Generation Podcast 2022/06/09
Twitter Q&A:Superpower Of Choice? Favorite Vegetable And More! Thursday Thought...What Happens If Watson Is Suspended? Podcast 2022/06/02
Episode 171: Twitter Q&A With Shoutouts: Favorite Superhero? Favorite Book? iPhone or Samsung and more! Thursday Thought: Ryan Tannehill Doesn't Need To Mentor Malik Willis Podcast 2022/05/05
Episode 170: DeAndre Hopkins Suspended. NFL Draft Grades. Tyrann Mathieu Signs With Saints. Podcast 2022/05/03
Episode 164: Twttier Topic Thursday: MLB Predictions. Thursday Thought: The Loser Lakers And LeBron. Podcast 2022/04/07
Episode 163: Michigan Football Talk After The Spring Game. NFL Mock Draft Top 5 2.0 Podcast 2022/04/05
Episode 155: Calvin Ridley Suspended. MLB To Ban Shift. Where Rookie QBs Could Land. Podcast 2022/03/08
Episode 154: MLB Cancels Games. Aaron Rodgers Wants Big Money. Does Kyler Murray Deserve An Extension? Podcast 2022/03/03
Episode 148: Twitter Topic Thursday: Where Do The Bucs Go From Here? The Most Hated NFL QB Now? What To Make Of Jimmy G And More! Podcast 2022/02/03
Episode 147: NFL Conference Championship Games Recap Podcast 2022/02/01
Episode 140: Twitter Follow Topics. College Football Playoff Pick. Podcast 2022/01/06
Episode 139: Antonio Brown Needs To Be Done With The NFL. Michigan Wolverines Will Be Back Next Year. Stop Attacking Players That Opt Out Of Bowl Games. Quick Shots. Podcast 2022/01/04
Episode 134: College Football Talk: Harbaugh Should've Been Coach Of The Year. Ohio State Fans Can't Take Michigan Fans Rubbing It In. NFL Talk With Picks. Grading College Football Hires. Podcast 2021/12/09
Episode 133: Brian Kelly To LSU Reaction. Week 13 NFL Picks. Conference Championship Week Picks. Podcast 2021/12/02
Episode 125: Houston Astros Lose In World Series. Week Nine NFL Picks. College Football Playoff Rankings With Upset Alerts. Podcast 2021/11/04
Episode 124: Reaction To Michigan Losing To MSU. Week Eight NFL Headlines. Who Is The Best NFC Team Right Now? Podcast 2021/11/02
Episode 117: Why Culture Is Important For Success. Week Five NFL Picks. College Football Upsets For Week Six. Podcast 2021/10/07
Episode 116: Recap Of Brady vs. Belichick. Does Matt Nagy Want To Get Fired? Week 4 NFL Headlines. Podcast 2021/10/05
Episode 109: Week One NFL Picks. What Is More Likely? The Bucs Go Undefeated Or The Texans Go Winless? Why Week One College Upsets Aren't That Big Of Deal. Podcast 2021/09/09
Episode 108: Cam Newton Released. The Story Of Bishop Sycamore. Urban Meyer Says Vaccination Status Played Role In Player Cuts. Podcast 2021/09/02
Episode 103: Peyton Manning and Edgerrin James Join Canton. Lamar Jackson Still Iffy About Vaccine. Antonio Brown Set For New Chapter. Podcast 2021/08/10
Episode 102: Carson Wentz Out After Foot Surgery. Too High, Too Low, Or Just Right On CBS Projected Wins For NFL Teams. Podcast 2021/08/03
Episode 95: Josh Gordon Files For Reinstatement. NBA Finals Pick. First Scott Fish Bowl (#SFB11) Experience. Podcast 2021/07/06
Episode 94: NFC Teams Over/Under. Colts Will Be At 100% Capacity. Top 5 Backup Quarterbacks In The NFL. Podcast 2021/07/01
Bo Schembechler Knew About Abuse At Michigan. Mason Rudolph Says His Goal Is To Be Starter. Jordan Love Is Ready To Start Week 1. Podcast 2021/06/10
Julio Jones Traded To Tennessee. Titans Sign Former NCAA Wrestler. Aaron Rodgers Causing More Division. Podcast 2021/06/08
Brett Favre Says Aaron Rodgers Won't Return To Green Bay. Buy Or Sell Rookie QBs Starting Week One. Ranking Each Division In The NFL. Podcast 2021/05/06
Colts Draft Recap With Jim Ayello (@JimAyello). NFL Draft Winners and Losers. Aaron Rodgers Wants Out. Podcast 2021/05/04
Sam Darnold Traded To The Panthers. NFL Super Bowl Locks. Detroit Tigers Opening Weekend. Podcast 2021/04/06
The NFL Will Not And Hasn't Cared About Player Safety. Justin Fields Is QB2. Building The Perfect Quarterback. Podcast 2021/04/01
Stop Being Sensitive To Sport Blowouts. Where Will Alex Smith Sign? Alabama Wants A Full Stadium In The Fall. Podcast 2021/03/04
JJ Watt Signs With Arizona. The NBA All-Star Game Shouldn't Happen. Michigan Wolverines Get Transfer QB. Podcast 2021/03/02
Super Bowl Talk With Bob Ryan (@GlobeBobRyan). My Favorite Super Bowl Of All-Time. Super Bowl 55 Pick. Podcast 2021/02/04
Who Won The Stafford-Goff Trade? What NFL Teams Need A QB? Remembering Super Bowl 49 And When I Met Dustin Pedroia. Podcast 2021/02/02
Where Does Carson Wentz Go? Super Wild Card Weekend Picks. College Football Final Game Prediciton Podcast 2021/01/07
Should Giants Fans Be Mad At The Eagles? NFL Playoff Contenders and Pretenders. College Football Semifinal Recap. Podcast 2021/01/05
College Football Playoff Recap. Week 13 NFL Picks. When I Met All-Star Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez. Podcast 2020/12/03
Why wasn't the Denver Broncos Game Postponed? Twitter Poll..would you rather have a great offensive line or great running back? The Michigan Wolverines Are Just Awful. Podcast 2020/12/01
Rookie Of The Year. Week Nine NFL Picks. The New York Jets Are Plain Awful. Podcast 2020/11/05
Michigan Wolverines Lose to MSU Reaction. Detroit Tigers Hire AJ Hinch. Evaluating the Young NFL QBs. Podcast 2020/11/03
Houston Astros Eliminated. Week Six Headlines. A Message for Michigan Wolverine Fans. Podcast 2020/10/20
Top 5 Backup NFL QBs. Nick Saban Tests Positive For Covid-19. Week Six NFL Picks Podcast 2020/10/15