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It’s time to enter Brock Bowers into the Heisman conversation Football 2023/10/06
The Knicks should send ‘Dame Time’ a gift basket….and then TRADE FOR JRUE HOLIDAY!! Basketball 2023/09/30
Will The Real Joe Burrow Please Stand Up?? Football 2023/09/28
There’s a new KING in New York!! Baseball 2023/09/22
DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #36: Bye Bye Sam Darnold Video 2021/04/06
DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #35: Hey MLB, Wake Up!! Video 2021/04/02
DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #34: Francisco Lindor Is A Genius!! Video 2021/04/01
DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #33: Aaron Rodgers Isn't Going Anywhere!! Video 2021/01/26
DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #32: Matt LaFleur....What The Hell Were You Thinking?!?! Video 2021/01/25
DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #31: Dan Campbell Is A Psycho!! Video 2021/01/22
DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #30: Philip Rivers Announces His Retirement Video 2021/01/21
DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #29: The NY Jets Have Found A Head Coach!! Video 2021/01/15
DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #28: James Harden Gets Traded to the Brooklyn Nets!! Video 2021/01/14
I HATE KYRIE IRVING!!!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #27) Video 2021/01/13
The NY Mets Are FOR REAL!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #26) Video 2021/01/08
What do these 2 morons have in common???? (DRIVES WITH DAVE Podcast #25) Video 2021/01/04
The Greek Freak Did WHAT?!?! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #24) Video 2020/12/16
Best NFL Game Of The Year!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #23) Video 2020/12/15
I Love Me Some Jalen Hurts!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #22) Video 2020/12/14
Being A Jets' Fan Means You're INSANE!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #21) Video 2020/12/09
The NBA BLOCKBUSTER Trade That Wasn't!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #20) Video 2020/12/03
The NFL Loses To A Tree!!!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #19) Video 2020/12/01
NOTHING Can Stop The NFL!!!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #18) Video 2020/11/30
Build Your Team Around THIS NBA Star.... (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #17) Video 2020/11/25
The Tom Brady HATE Has Gone Too FAR!! (DRIVES with DAVE #16) Football 2020/11/24
The Tom Brady HATE Has Gone Too FAR!! (DRIVES with DAVE #16) Video 2020/11/24
Just Give The Lakers The Trophy Now!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #15) Video 2020/11/23
Observations From The Road (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #14) Video 2020/11/20
A Weird NBA Draft, A Klay Thompson Injury, and Robinson Cano Is A MORON!!!! (DRIVES with DAVE #13) Video 2020/11/19
Let The NBA Madness Begin!!!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #12) Video 2020/11/18
BEST. SUNDAY. EVER!!!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #11) Video 2020/11/16
A MESSAGE OF POSITIVITY!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #10) Video 2020/11/13
Be Careful What You Wish For Russell Westbrook (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #9) Video 2020/11/12
Something I've NEVER Done Before.... (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #8) Video 2020/11/11
The Jets Were Never Winning!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #7) Video 2020/11/10
Tom Brady Is A PUNK!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast #6) Video 2020/11/09
The NBA Brings Us Christmas Presents, in NOVEMBER?!?! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast Ep.#5) Video 2020/11/06
The Day The World Fell Apart!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast Ep.#4) Video 2020/11/05
A WIN For The Mets?!?! Baseball 2020/11/04
Shocking Trevor Lawrence News For Jets' Fans!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast Ep. #3) Video 2020/11/04
Shocking Monday Night Football Ending!! (DRIVES with DAVE Podcast Ep.#2) Video 2020/11/03
DRIVESwDAVE Podcast Ep.#1 Video 2020/11/02
It’s OK To Hate The Houston Astros Baseball 2020/10/17
“Take Your Confederate Flag....And Shove It!!” (DTS Podcast #110) Video 2020/06/12
"This NEEDS To Be A MOVEMENT, Not A MOMENT!!" (DTS Podcast - #109) Video 2020/06/03
"When I Look in The Mirror....I See YOU!!" (DTS Podcast - #108) Video 2020/06/01
“Greatest NBA Players of All-Time: 20-11” (DTS Podcast #107) Video 2020/05/25
"Greatest NBA Players Of All-Time: 30-21" (DTS Podcast #106) Video 2020/05/20
"ESPN Shouldn't Be Allowed To Make All-Time NBA Lists!!!! (DTS Podcast - #105) Video 2020/05/18
"I LOVE When Millionaires Complain About MONEY!!!!" (DTS Podcast - #104) Video 2020/05/13
"If Don Shula Isn't On Your MOUNT RUSHMORE....GET OUT!!" (DTS Podcast - #103) Video 2020/05/05
"Michael Jordan Would Score 100 Points Per Game In Today's NBA!! (DTS Podcast - #102) Video 2020/05/01
"Is Alex Smith INSANE?!?!" (DTS Podcast - #101) Video 2020/04/30
"The NFL Draft Brought Me Back To Life!!" (DTS Podcast - #100) Video 2020/04/24
"The Kobe Memorial Was Perfect!!" (DTS Podcast #99) Video 2020/02/25
"I'm Living A Double Life!!" (DTS Podcast #98) Video 2020/02/24
"Are NFL Players READY To Go On STRIKE?!?!" (DTS Podcast - #97) Video 2020/02/21
"The NFL Doesn't Care About Player's Safety!!!! (DTS Podcast - #96) Video 2020/02/20
"Kyrie Irving = Most Overrated Player In NBA History!!!!" (DTS Podcast - #95) Video 2020/02/19
"Rob Manfred Is A MORON!!!!" (DTS Podcast - #94) Video 2020/02/17
"MLB Should Force The Boston Red Sox To Sell The Team!!!! (DTS Podcast - #92) Video 2020/02/13
"MLB's Postseason Proposal IS NOT REAL!!!!" (DTS Podcast - #91) Video 2020/02/11
"The XFL Sucks!!!!" (DTS Podcast - #90) Video 2020/02/10
Andy Reid, FINALLY, Got His....CHEESEBURGER!!!! (DTS Podcast - #89) Video 2020/02/03
"How Do We Honor KOBE????" (DTS Podcast - #88) Video 2020/01/28
"RIP KOBE" (DTS Podcast - #87) Video 2020/01/27
"Mike Florio....Shut Up!!" (DTS Podcast #86) Video 2020/01/24
"ZION Giveth, ELI Taketh Away." (DTS Podcast - #85) Video 2020/01/23
"DEREK JETER BABYYYYY!!!!" (DTS Podcast - #84) Video 2020/01/22
"Scott Boras Is Really Rich." (DTS Podcast - #83) Video 2019/12/12
"The Cleveland Browns Should Be ASHAMED Of Themselves!!!! (DTS Podcast - #82) Video 2019/12/04
"I guess THANK YOU and YOU'RE FIRED can land in the same sentence..." (DTS Podcast - #81) Video 2019/12/02
"I'm Hosting On CBS Sports Radio!!" (DTS Podcast - #80) Video 2019/11/27
"Someone ARREST Myles Garrett!! (DTS Podcast - #80) Video 2019/11/15
"The KNICKS Are the Most Dysfunctional Team In SPORTS!!!! (DTS Podcast - #79) Video 2019/11/11
"NO Experience, NO Problem -- The METS Will Hire YOU!!!! (DTS Podcast - #78) Video 2019/11/07
"YOU MUST FIRE ADAM GASE!!!!" (DTS Podcast - #77) Video 2019/11/04
"2019 NBA Fights Are Pillow Fights!!" (DTS Podcast - #76) Video 2019/11/01
"Steph Curry Is Injury Prone!!" (DTS Podcast - #75) Video 2019/10/31
"The NFL Trade Deadline Was A Waste Of Time!!" (DTS Podcast - #74) Video 2019/10/30
" The New York Jets Are Everything That's Wrong With The NFL!!!!" (DTS Podcast - #73) Video 2019/10/29
"METS Fans LOVE Being MISERABLE!!!!" (DTS Podcast - #72) Video 2019/10/25
"Incompetence Is The Name Of The Game" (DTS Podcast - #71) Video 2019/10/24
"The NBA is BACK!!!! (DTS Podcast - #70) Video 2019/10/22
"SHAME On You YANKEES!!!! (DTS Podcast - #69) Video 2019/10/21
"Injuries, Embarrassing, and Pathetic....That's Life Right Now!!" (DTS Podcast - #68) Video 2019/10/18
"Rain Dances Are REAL." (DTS Podcast - #67) Video 2019/10/17
"It's Good To Know The Only Thing LeBron Cares About Is Money...." (DTS Podcast - #66) Video 2019/10/16
"LET'S GO YANKEES!!!! (DTS Podcast - #65) Video 2019/10/15
Welcome To Dave Talks Sports!! Video 2019/10/10
"Now THAT Is What I Call BASEBALL!!!!" (DTS Podcast - #64) Video 2019/10/10
"China Owns The NBA!!" (DTS Podcast - #63) Video 2019/10/09
"Yankees Break Out The BROOMS And SWEEP The Twins....AGAIN!!!! (DTS Podcast - #62) Video 2019/10/08
"You're Fired JAY GRUDEN!!!! (DTS Podcast - #61) Video 2019/10/07
"YOU'RE FIRED Mickey Callaway!!" (DTS Podcast - #60) Video 2019/10/04
"ESPN's NBA Power Rankings Are A Disaster!!!!" (DTS Podcast - #59) Video 2019/10/03
"It's Time To Take Down The Big Bad NCAA!!!!" (DTS Podcast - #58) Video 2019/10/02
"The NFL Got Something....RIGHT?!" (DTS Podcast - #57) Video 2019/10/01
"BAN Vontaze Burfict From The NFL!!!!" (DTS Podcast - #56) Video 2019/09/30
"You Should Be Ashamed Of Yourself Bleacher Report!!!!" (DTS Podcast - #55) Video 2019/09/27
"Well Played Melvin Gordon!!" (DTS Podcast - #54) Video 2019/09/26
"Bill Belichick Is A Grade-A Douchebag!!" (DTS Podcast - Ep. #53) Video 2019/09/25
"Antonio Brown Is A BAD GUY!!!!" (DTS Podcast - Ep. #52) Video 2019/09/24
"I'm Back BABY!!!! (DTS Podcast - Ep. #51) Video 2019/09/23
"Of Course I'm The MAN, I'm The QUARTERBACK!!" (DTS Podcast - Ep. #50) Video 2019/09/03
"You Traded WHO?! For WHAT?!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #49) Video 2019/09/02
"You're STUPID!!!!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #48) Video 2019/08/30
"I Wonder If The Mets Are Going To Make The Playoffs...." (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #47 Video 2019/08/29
"Andrew Luck Retiring Could Change The World FOREVER!!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #46) Video 2019/08/27
“LEAVE ANDREW LUCK ALONE!!!! (DaveTalksSports Podcast – Ep. #45 Part II) Video 2019/08/26
"LEAVE ANDREW LUCK ALONE!!!! (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #45 Part I) Video 2019/08/26
"Pat Shurmur....Smush Your Face Into A Computer Screen, Please." (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #44) Video 2019/08/23
"Baker Mayfield....You Can Also SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #43) Video 2019/08/22
"Hey Jerry Jones....SHUT THE HELL UP!!" (DaveTalksSports Popcast - Ep. #42) Video 2019/08/21
"My Phone Ran Out Of Stora...." (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #41) Video 2019/08/16
"So Many Sports, So Little Time!!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #40) Video 2019/08/15
"Today Is My Son's 1st Birthday!!!!....Oh, And Sports." (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #39) Video 2019/08/13
"After Today....We Don't Talk About Antonio Brown!!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #38) Video 2019/08/12
"Today, We Head North Of The Border....Sort Of." (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #37) Video 2019/08/09
"Are You Ready For Some FOOTBALL?!?!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #36) Video 2019/08/08
“Hey NCAA....SCREW YOU!!” (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #35) Video 2019/08/07
"Injuries, Injuries, And More INJURIES!!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #33) Video 2019/08/05
"Sleep Deprivation Makes You Stupid!!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #32) Video 2019/08/02
"The Yankees Have Made Me ANGRY!!!!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #31) Video 2019/08/01
"I Went To A Fight And A Baseball Game Broke Out!!"" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #30) Video 2019/07/31
"Are Running Backs Worth More Than Minimum Wage??" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #29) Video 2019/07/30
"What The Hell Are The Mets Doing?!?!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #28) Video 2019/07/29
"Pay Him, Pay That Man His Money" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #27) Video 2019/07/26
"I'll Have What Steve Ballmer Is Having!!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #26) Video 2019/07/25
"What Do You Mean You Don't Have Netting?!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #24) Video 2019/07/24
"I'm Young, And I'm Dumb, And I'm BROKE!!!!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #25) Video 2019/07/24
"The MLB Hall of Fame is an ABSOLUTE JOKE!!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #23) Video 2019/07/22
“Gotta Love That Irony.” (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #22) Video 2019/07/21
"My Rants Are Very Polite." (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #21) Video 2019/07/19
“Bryce Harper’s Hair Is Magical!!” (DaveTalksSports Podcast Ep. #20) Video 2019/07/17
"You Don't Deserve That Money!!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #18) Video 2019/07/16
"You Couldn't Look Away, Even If You Tried" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #18) Video 2019/07/15
“You’re PATHETIC!!” (DaveTalksSports Podcast- Ep. #17) Video 2019/07/13
"The NBA....Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving!!" (Davetalks Video 2019/07/12
"I'm The Greatest Of All-Time!!!!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #15) Video 2019/07/11
"The MLB All-Star Game SUCKS!!" (DaveTalksSports Podcast - Ep. #14) Video 2019/07/10
DaveTalksSports Podcast - Episode #13: "Chicks Dig The Long Ball!!" Video 2019/07/09
DaveTalksSports Podcast - Episode #12: "I'm Russell Westbrook, And I'm....LONELY!!" Video 2019/07/08
DaveTalksSports Podcast- Episode #11: “Kawhi Drops Bombs @ 2 A.M.” Video 2019/07/06
DaveTalksSports Podcast - Episode #10: "Today Was My 1st Day Off....EVER!!" Video 2019/07/05
DaveTalksSports Podcast - Episode #9: "You're Getting Paid, What About Me?!" Video 2019/07/04
DaveTalksSports Podcast - Episode #8: "Which Big 3 is the BIGGEST???" Video 2019/07/03
DaveTalksSports Podcast - Episode 7: "A Somber Day In Sports." Video 2019/07/02
DaveTalksSports Podcast - Episode 6: "Dave Is ANGRY!!" Video 2019/07/01
DaveTalksSports Podcast - Episode 5: “London Gets A Taste Of The Future.” Video 2019/06/29
We’re Doin’ And We’re Dyin’ Over Heeeerrrreeee!!!! Baseball 2018/10/03
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Monday….It’s Not ALL Bad Basketball 2018/05/22
If You Were Looking For Close Games, You Came to The Wrong Place Basketball 2018/05/21
You Can’t Fix Stupid!! Basketball 2018/05/18
Best. Week. EVER (For Everyone Except Robinson Cano)!! Baseball 2018/05/17
World 2, LeBron 0 Basketball 2018/05/16
Sports Betting Is Coming To A Living Room Near You!! Other Sports 2018/05/15
Here’s To Watching Sports While You’re Supposed To Be ENJOYING Brunch Basketball 2018/05/14
Doing The Same Thing Every Single Year Is Not Boring In Any Way, Shape, Or Form Basketball 2018/05/11
Still Think It Can’t Get Any Worse?! Baseball 2018/05/10
Just When You Thought Your Tuesday Couldn’t Get Any Better…. Baseball 2018/05/09
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Hey, IDIOT, Go Overreact To Something!! Basketball 2018/05/07
Knicks Select Their Next Victim Basketball 2018/05/04
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April's Lasting Impression Has NOTHING on May!! Other Sports 2018/05/01
If You Don't Enjoy Fun, And Sun, And Puppies (Go Away)... Baseball 2018/04/30
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LeBron Basketball 2018/04/26
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I Could Have Sworn I Was Worth More Than That!! Baseball 2018/03/13
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All Trilogies Are Not Made The Same Basketball 2018/03/09
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Spring Cleaning In February!! Football 2018/03/01
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Well, That Didn't Go As Planned Baseball 2018/02/20
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