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Miller Park - Milwaukee, WI (Photo By Friend of Stadium Scene Staff)

Stadium Scene was created as the one stop place for the sports enthusiast traveling to go see their favorite team play. We've added help from everything from booking travel, buying tickets, to where to go after the game.


Users must be over 18 years old. Due to the fact we talk about bars and alcohol we have to create some control parameters to keep those 18-20 year olds away from bar pages until it's time to celebrate their 21st birthday. We'll help you figure out where that bar celebration will be.

Users may regiser using their FaceBook account or via our registration page if you don't have a FaceBook account.

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There are two ways to create accounts. Either you can create an account manually through our registration system, or if you're a FaceBook user, we do have one click registration available that can be terminated at any time from your FaceBook account.

When creating an account, we ask for very minimal information for you to join. You'll have the opportunity to add more information to your profile page as you please.


If you've created your account through the Facebook button, this section is not applicable. Your password will be controlled through your FaceBook account and will automatically update with us if you ever change your FaceBook password.

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Yes we do sell advertising! Advertising on Stadium Scene is a fantastic and very reasonable investment for your business. Advertising on a very large review site is very complex and can be very expensive. We offer flat rate monthly advertising with the ability to cancel at any time. As long as you are current with payments and continuously extending your contract with us, we will never raise your rates! On top of that, we invoice through Captial One Bank, so we never see your credit card information and all transactions are protected by a major financial organization.

We've created a ton of incentive for you to not only advertise with us, but make it reasonable, completitive, and easy to understand. No need to bring your lawyer to the ballpark with you to figure out how to advertise with us.

When you're ready, head on over to our Advertising page and sign up today.


Currently we only have pages for stadiums, restaurants, and bars for Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Basketball Association, National Hockey League, Indy Car & NASCAR, and Major League Soccer. We're targeting our release as we go and will expand along as the seasons change. Our current schedule is as follows:

  • Marathon Courses - TBD
  • PGA Golf Courses - TBD
  • Spring Training Baseball Stadiums - TBD
  • International Stadiums - TBD
  • College Stadiums - TBD


Currently we split our "places" up as two different categories:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars (21+ only)

For places that are both bars and restaurants, we categorize it based on what it's best known for. If it's a bar that happens to serve food, it's going to be classified as a bar. If it's a restaurant that has a bar, we'll classify it as a restaurant. Generally the rule of thumb is if they'll allow someone under 21 into their facility a majority of the time or into the main facility, we'll classify it as a restaurant, but provide you with notice that they may have "over 21 hours".

Mobile Applications

We don't have a true native mobile app just yet, but for now you can actually view the website on your phone thanks to the fact we built around the Bootstrap Framework! be sure to check out Stadium Scene on your phone and you can save an icon to your phone screen and have quick access to one of the hottest new sites on the Internet!

Business Accounts

The business account program has been put on hold until further notice.

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Questions, feature suggestions, and bug reports/fixes welcome! Send us a ticket!

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