Bros Talking Soccer Podcast – Episode 73 – On The Hole

The Knittel brothers discuss FIFA proposals, UEFA Champions League, CONCACAF Champions League, and more.

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Stories discussed this episode:
Segment 1
– FIFA was offered $25 billion for control of Club World Cup & new global nations league (
– Possible World Cup 2022 expansion to 48 teams (

Segment 2
– UEFA Champion’s League was pretty dull… JK
* City v Liverpool highlights (
* Roma v Barca highlights (
* Madrid v Juve highlights (
– Barca’s season legendary if they go undefeated in La Liga but “only” win La Liga & Copa del Rey? (
– Champions League & Europa League draws ( &

Segment 3
– CONCACAF Champions League recap (
– Should MLS Adopt 50+1 rule of ownership? (

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