SunTrust Park

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By:Wesley Smith

Posted: 06-10-2018 01:24

SunTrust Park

My visit to SunTrust Park was one that was hard to plan for but based on perfect timing I was able to attend a game during the stadiums inaugural season.

While at home for the Labor Day weekend, I checked the MLB schedule and the Atlanta Braves were returning home from a road trip on Labor Day. Based on my flight leaving from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on the Tuesday following Labor Day this game was perfectly scheduled.

Here are my thoughts on SunTrust Park.

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Originally posted on Duffel Bag Adventureson September 5, 2017 5:00 pm


Wesley attended his first sporting event when he was 14 and he was hooked.  Over the last three years he's been to 44 events.

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