Partner Announcement - Bryant and Me

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Posted: 02-13-2020 10:15

Partner Announcement - Bryant and Me

Please welcome to the Stadium Scene TV Network - Bryant and Me

Bryant and Me is a podcast. It's a podcast about soccer/football/futbol/footie with a focus on Columbus Crew SC, Tottenham (Bryant) and Liverpool (Me). Much of our time together is spent discussing the goings on of our favorite clubs, what's going on in the fandom of those teams and we sprinkle in a bit of pop culture for flavor. We also invite guests related to sports, music, movies, TV and pop culture. We're two fans of sport, and life, and want to share our love with you.

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    The flagship podcast on the Stadium Scene TV Network talks a variety of topics ranging from sports, to travel, food, beer, and almost always finishes the show off with trivia.

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