Thank You To The Bros Talking Soccer

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Posted: 10-31-2019 22:40

Thank You To The Bros Talking Soccer

If you’ve been paying attention this week, you’ll have noticed the Bros Talking Soccer have announced an indefinite hiatus of their show since now all three of them are in different cities and different time zones.  Maybe they’ll be back, but maybe they won't.  Even though we rarely do original content anymore, I wanted to write this today to talk about how 

Back in early 2018, Dave reached out to me on social media and it resulted in one of our early partnerships.  They really helped us prove out the model for Stadium Scene TV and trusted us to help promote their show while we were in our early stages and figuring out what we were doing.  Since February 2018, they have posted 317 videos and podcasts.

Some highlights include:

  • At least one video & podcast every week
  • Predictions picks for the MLS and Premier League Seasons
  • A daily update podcast for the entire duration of the Men's World Cup 2018
  • A daily update podcast for the entire duration of the Women's World Cup 2019
  • Inviting me on the show despite the fact the lone highlight of my appearance was a stupid ad libbed bit acting like I was eating dog food immediately after a segment about soccer players and vegan diets
  • Operating a Slack channel (That is not going away!) with daily discussion on various soccer topics

I'm not blowing smoke up their rears by saying this is one of the hardest working podcasts you'll find out there.  They really were and I really hope they do come back some day.

Dave, Christian, Matt....thank you.  Without the massive contribution and belief in us, we would not be where we are today.

P.S. - Dave isn't going away completely.  Be sure to check back here for his soccer history/discussion video series called "The Soccer Tavern".  Today he even released a video on the history of the German club, Borussia Dortmund.

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