The Stadium Rundown - Bienvenido a Miami

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The Stadium Rundown - Bienvenido a Miami

Welcome to this week's edition of The Stadium Rundown. We start the week in Miami looking at a new soccer stadium running into trouble already, the latest update on the attempt to move the Columbus Crew to Austin, and a new stadium name in The City of Angels and some policy changes associated with the new name.

Miami MLS Stadium

Ready....Or Not?

Big news occurred last week when David Beckham made a joint announcement that Miami's MLS club will be ready to go for the start of the 2020 season. As the week went on, it looks less likely that they're ready... It turns out there are numerous lawsuits against the city of Miami, Miami-Dade County, Major League Soccer, and the ownership group trying to block the construction of the stadium for a variety of reasons.

There are numerous questions regarding if Miami can support a club (based on experience with the local baseball, football, and hockey teams), and the location is a huge concern as well. One major concern absent from the above illustration is enough parking for 25,000 fans and there appear to be some initial concerns from the neighboring public housing projects and you wonder if there is some panic inside those housing projects on if they will be forced out of their homes to build parking garages on the site.

Residents had a brief scare earlier this week when fake eviction notices were placed on their doors in order to get them out to a community meeting to fight the stadium construction. This is saga is far from over...


MLS Austin Stadium

Maybe the Crew are Staying? - Ralph Schudel

We're not journalists and we don't pretend to be journalists here at Stadium Scene.TV. For us to claim to be journalists is an insult to the hardworking men and women of the press who go to school, learn their craft an develop it. That being said, since we're not journalists, we can show our bias and it's been pretty clear that the staff here has been openly supportive of the #SaveTheCrew movement. There are numerous issues with moving a club to Austin, but we won't get into that here.

Today, we're focusing on the fact that the number of viable sites in Austin for owner Anthony Precourt and his ownership group, Precourt Sports Ventures (PSV) keeps shrinking. On top of that, a protest occurred over the weekend at one of the sites where residents don't want to lose the existing park. It's of our opinion that Mr. Precourt may be running out of options in Austin and losing his leverage with the city of Columbus. In fact, the CEO of Brew Dog, a UK based Brewing company with US base in Columbus have announced they have formed an ownership group and have begun a dialog with Mr. Precourt's staff about a buyout of the Columbus Crew in order to keep them in Columbus.


Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

United Airlines Coliseum? Well, at least we know what their fan ejection policy will be...

Well, it used to be named the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Not anymore. As of this week, large US-based airline, United Airlines announced they are spending $69 million to rename the building to the United Airlines Memorial Coliseum. This is a questionable move, as United has been in the news for some not so great things lately, but it looks like they're moving forward with some new policy changes:

  • The official mascot of the Coliseum will be a peacock!
  • If seats are double sold or if fans are out of line, we already know what the ejection policy will be...
  • Guitars are not permitted in the Coliseum. They will be broken if discovered...
  • If you bring your toddler, they have to sit on your lap.

Ok, not really...I didn't have much to say, so I needed to kill some time here.

That's all for now. Thanks again for reading and we'll see you again next week.


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