South of the 6ix - The Importance of Bo Bichette Being Challenged

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Updated: May 16, 2018

South of the 6ix - The Importance of Bo Bichette Being Challenged

Article Written by Craig Borden (@Craigers1221)

Success is a fickle beast. It can bring you all the confidence in the world or it can be the reason you press by feeling you should be performing at that level all of the time. This is very important for young athletes to experience before it makes or breaks them at the Major League Level. When I see players that have performed well throughout Minor League Baseball and then finally hit a challenge, I do not panic. I preach patience in these moments and feel that this is the reason we have the Minor Leagues in the first place. It is meant to prepare athletes to become everyday players. Not all players are Mike Trout or Bryce Harper that do not seem to go through extended rough patches.

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